Short list of recommended hotels


  1. Akademicheskaya Hotel *** 
    Address: metro station Oktyabr’skaya (see orange line on metro map), Donskaya str., 1. 
  2. Varshava Hotel *** 
    Address: metro station Oktyabr’skaya(see orange line on metro map), Leninskiy prospect, 2/1. 
  3. Sputnik Hotel *** 
    Address: Leninsky prospect, 38
    Location: metro station Leninsky prospekt(see orange line on metro map), than 20 min walk or 1 stop by tram. 
  4. Astrus Hotel *** 
    Address: Leninskiy prospect, 146
    Location: metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya(see red line on metro map), 2 stop from metro by bus 226, 718, 752, 261, before bus station «Ул. 26-ти Бакинских комиссаров» 
    How to reach IKI: 10-15 min by bus 226 or mini-bus 
  5. Cosmos Hotel *** 
    Address: metro station VDNH(see orange line on metro map), Prospekt Mira, 150.
  6. Nicevt hotel** 
    Address: Generala Antonova str., 5-1.
    Location: metro station "Kaluzhskaya" (see orange line on metro map), then 20 min walk or 2 stops by trolleybus №72 (the bus station: “Derevlevo”).
    Additional info: take into account that Nicevt www-site is only in Russian, but you can make reservation in English (French, German) too.
    See please and select language by flag above reservation search form.
    -the accomodation doesn't include the breakfast

List of Moscow hotels 
Moscow metro map (in russian, also print version
Moscow metro map (in english, also print version)