Abstract Submission Guidelines

Please use the template file to prepare your abstract for submission to Program committee.

The Title of abstract is accompanied with Author's Name List in which the first name should be the Speaker Name(!). Author names should be written last name first, followed by initials.

Please, use Submit abstract menu item (available to logged-in users) to submit your abstract. After upload the file name will be automatically modified by appending first 50 characters of the list of authors to the first 50 characters of original file name.

Abstracts which you have submitted, are available for viewing and editing at the Your Abstracts menu item. If you would like to replace uploaded abstract file, please first remove the old one and you will be able to upload the new version. 

You will be able to update your submissions till deadline AUGUST 10, 2015. In case of any questions please contact the Program Committee at ms3@iki.rssi.ru